About us

About us

About Luna Lighting

Luna Lighting is a Woman Veteran Owned and operated small business.
We strive to bring the same quality and care to your projects as if we were a member of your team.

Our Creative Team

Dañiel Luna-Fuller is owner and primary lighting designer for Luna Lighting.She is retired from the United States Army where she was a construction engineer.After she retired she wanted to use her background and learn a new skill.

​She joined an electrical distributor and found that the lighting industry was changing and advancing as LED technology was becoming more affordable.She always loved doing design work and helping customers find solutions. She has been doing lighting design primarily for the last 5 years. She had worked with distributors and manufactures prior to starting Luna Lighting.
She now helps Manufactures and Distributors with over flow work and assists Lighting Reps find solutions for End Users.

Jacques Fuller is a great asset to Luna Lighting.

​He brings almost 20 years of Industrial Design experience.

​Having a passion for drawing he chose Industrial Design as his field. The past 12 years he has had an impact on the Oil & Gas Industry by working closely with several of the leading oil and gas refineries in the U.S.

Aaron Guzman is the newest member of the Luna Lighting group of designers.

​He is an Electrical Engineer with over 5 years of international experience in industrial and commercial fields. Oriented towards lighting specifications and lighting designs for indoor and outdoor solutions. Design of electrical circuits and wiring. Installation of industrial, electrical and electronic equipment.

“I’m a very dynamic and adaptable worker, willing to help with any engineering related situation or any area where my knowledge might come useful.”

We offer a full array of services that are fitted to the needs of the customer: interior and exterior design and documentation, energy analysis, 3D and False Color Renderings.